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"Over the years I have worked with many consultants, but it's rare to find someone like David. He treated us like he was the principal stockholder. David's objectivity, organization and directness are a refreshing change from the watered-down, play-it-safe attitude I see so often these days."

Michael Smith
President, COMAC, Inc.

"Not only has David provided wise counsel to many key CEOs in the St. Louis community, but he has become a very unique civic intermediary in a community which is in the process of a dramatic civic transformation. In helping guide, facilitate, and prod the fundamental recasting of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, the region's CEO organization, and our business leadership in general, David has brought together an uncommon blend of talents. These talents have run the gamut from strategic planner and futurist, to "civic anthropologist," to shuttle diplomat deftly crossing racial, geographic, industry, public and private sector boundaries, to facilitator, to management guru, to CEO coach, to advocate for spirit. We have people and institutions now collaborating with each other who did not even know one another before David's arrival in St. Louis. I will add last but definitely not least that David's individual coaching to me has had a wonderful, profound effect. For assisting me to mobilize many underutilized capacities, I will always be immensely grateful."

Richard C. D. Fleming
President and CEO, St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce

"Since David began working with me and my senior managers, he has been a major catalyst for the transformation of our management team. With his help we have moved from a group of competing individuals to an energized group of team players who are using our talent and creativity to support each other. We could not have achieved so much in such a concentrated time-frame without David's wise counsel."

James W. Zeigon
CEO, Chase Manhattan Private Bank

"It has been my deep pleasure and benefit to work with David Z. Levin over the course of a number of years as my leadership coach. David and I began working together when I held two roles at the New York Times Company, one as the President of the New York Times Broadcast Group and the other as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for the New York Times Company, reporting to the Vice Chairman and working with the Chairman and CEO's Executive Team, of which I was a part. Having met and worked with any number of the most capable executive coaches in the U.S. in my role as head of HR, it is a strong statement of praise that I chose David to be my own leadership mentor and guide. His wise counsel has continued to be of great value to me since the day we began our work together. If you are a leader who is prepared to move beyond the conventional and equip yourself fundamentally for new growth and confidence, I most highly recommend David's exceptional work for your very strong consideration."

Cindy Augustine
Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources
Time Warner, Inc.

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