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"David has splendid leadership skills. I found David to be an excellent coach, tireless, discrete and sensitive to all points of view. He contributed significantly to our organization. He insisted that all levels, functions and world areas must work together to solve problems. Unlike my previous experiences with consultants, David brought an immediate and total dedication to our initiative. An outside observer would have concluded that David was a Monsanto employee, one whose career rested on being successful in this effort. I give him my strongest recommendation."

J. M. Hanley
Director, Business Performance Improvement, Monsanto Chemical Group

"David was not satisfied in merely providing detailed analyses of our market and organization. He effectively used these insights to help catalyze strategic change throughout all levels of our firm."

Robert Feuchter
CEO and Chairman of the Board,
American Recreation Centers, Inc.

"When one gets involved with a person like David, one is already reaching toward a dimension that is definitely not ordinary. But often it is the unlikely or the unusual that can have the most impact on an individual, organization, or audience. This is where David goes with his clients. What David delivers is the recognition that the individual leader is the key leverage point for creating the context where each valued person can excel and perform with the respect of others. Working with David is a very personally grounding, enriching, and revealing process. You learn how to be more in your intuition and less in your intellect, more in your sense of purpose and less in your fears. David has an unusual insight that can support and encourage this kind of personal growth to happen. No journey is easy, but David's sensitivity to underlying potential goes a long way toward steadying the path. I am very appreciative of David's work, and I sincerely hope that more leaders can benefit from his sage counsel as much as I have."

Fred Kent
President and Chairman of the Board, Project for Public Spaces

"David's strategic insight was very helpful and lent much to the ongoing deliberations in our key businesses. Equally beneficial was his analytical skill in helping us to evaluate the people and structural changes we had to make in order to ensure successful implementation. But I believe what was most important - and what will wind up having the longest term impact - was David's highly sensitive and experienced counsel to our most senior business managers. They will carry those "lessons" with them to our bottom-line performance in the years ahead."

A. Wright Elliott
Executive Vice President, Chase Manhattan Bank

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